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  • Food itself, which is said to be good for health originally (e.g. prune, yogurt, etc.) or with a preservative method such as drying employed (e.g. chlorella, ginseng, Agaricus Blazei murill, etc.), and food that seems to be the same as general foods at a glance but containing additional ingredients considered  healthy (e.g. calcium-enriched cookie, etc.) or reducing salt or oil.

  • Not in the shape of general foods but in the shape similar to medicines, such as capsules and liquid that includes special ingredients or extracts (so-called supplement). A supplement is a food to supply nutrition such as vitamin or mineral (calcium or iron content), and not in the shape of general food, such as in a tablet or a capsule.


  • A potato crisp is a thin slice of potato, either flat or wavy, fried in vegetable oil and salted or seasoned to taste. A quality crisp is a whole chip having a saddle-shaped curl, light golden in color and having no blemishes. When placed in the mouth, it is crisp and tender, has a slight potato flavor, is properly salted or seasoned and leaves a pleasant aftertaste in the mouth. From the minute a package is opened until it is completely eaten, a consumer can only use his eyes and mouth to determine if a crisp lives up to his expectations.

  • Potato chips are thin round slices of potato which are deep fried and flavored and are packed in ploy bags. For longer shelf life the poly bags are flushed with nitrogen. The potato chips contain about 30% fat content and are crisp snacks for all times. these are liked by all age groups but they do not have the significance as a meal.


  • Flour milling technology since the introduction of roller mills and the gradual reduction system include flow sheet alterations to accommodate newer machine technologies and increased machine capacities as well as the adoption of information-based technologies.

  • There are two principal reasons for the current pace of technological progress. The first is the small operating margins present in the flour milling business. These do not allow large quantities of capital to be channeled into research. The other reason is that flour millers generally consider themselves as technology ‘consumers’ rather than developers.


  • The average American spends US$2200 on food every year, a figure that.s less than 10% of disposable income. .Food remains a big bargain in the US and consumers are constantly looking for food value,. says Greg Kirrish   of the Blackstone Group in Chicago. The food business is growing at under 2.5% annually so it.s a tough market. America boasts 29,900 supermarkets and 775,000 foodservice outlets.

  • Snack sales in supermarkets represent 83 percent of total sales; traditional grocery stores and bakeries 8.5 percent; automatic distribution, airports and railway stations: 4 percent; gasoline stations 3 percent, and tobacco shops 1.5 percent. Globally, French snack food market sales (salty and sweet) should double within five to six years to reach some $8 billion.

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