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  • Food processing training center tells about Certification courses, Fees structure, Technology, Fanciers, Textbooks, Investment and plan details.
  • Food processing is a large sector that covers activities such as agriculture, horticulture, plantation, animal husbandry and fisheries. It also includes other industries that use agriculture inputs for manufacturing of edible products.
  • Modern food processing technology in the 19th and 20th century were largely developed to serve military needs.
  • In Food Engineering these properties are used in heat transfer calculations and to established critical control points during processes. These properties are also employed in Food Techonology as control indexes and to compare the efficiency of equipment and industrial plants. In addition, they are used to control raw materials, materials during process and final products.

  • Most sectors in the food processing industry are growing at a significant rate. The industry shows the potential for sustained growth based on different aspects such as growth in the domestic market, trade and foreign direct investment.
  • India having encouragingly grown from a level of scarcity to surplus has enabled to create economic liberalization paving way to rapid industrialization where a good many investors find new opportunities in the market.
  • Thus food processing industry is an important sector in the country. The present value of food processing industry which is Rs70 billion and it is expected to double. There have been changes in food habits pushing for more value-added products.
  •  It is assessed that both processed food exports and value-added agricultural produce will grow faster in the coming years enabling food processing industry in India to earn profits in leaps and bounds over the next five years.
  • Toronto remains a leader in North American food production due to its close proximity to major markets; the size, skill and diversity
    of its labour force; relatively low production costs and the innovation that characterizes its food processing initiatives.
  • Teagasc is the leading supplier of training to the food processing and retail sector in food safety and quality systems, food innovation and new product development.
  • TAFE NSW Riverina Institute is currently providing Nationally accredited training modules from the Certificates in Food Processing to both large and small enterprises.

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