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  • Forsterite (Mg2SiO4) is the magnesium rich end-member of the olivine solid solution series.
  • Forsterite is associated with igneous and metamorphic rocks and has also been found in meteorites.
  • Forsterite is named for the German naturalist, Johann Forster. It is one of two minerals that are simply known as olivine and the other mineral is fayalite.


  • Forsterite has been synthesized by solid-state reaction between MgO and SiO2,6 or bauxite and MgCO3,7 but also by various sol-gel methods,2,8,9 which include a H2O2-assisted process.
  • Refactory forsterites are widespread components of all types of unequilibated chondrites. The origin of refractory forsterites, have been traced by conducting an in-situ LA-ICP-MS trace element study of refractory forsterites from carbonaceous chondrites.


  • The forsterite- fayalite solid solution series is sometimes used in the manufacture of refractory brick.
  • Cr:forsterite is an appealing gain medium in the near infrared. The output is compatible with telecommunications wavelengths and its gain bandwidth makes it a good alternative to Ti:Sapphire systems for longer wavelength configurations.


  • Forsterite crystals, doped with Cr4+, Cr3+, Cr2+, Co2+, Ni2+, V4+, were grown by Czochralski technique.
  • The inherent Kerr nonlinearity of the Cr:Forsterite laser crystal can be accessed to generate ultrashort pulses using a technique known as self-modelocking.


  • A new variety of simulated tanzanite known as "Forsterite" has recently begun to make headway in the retail market.
  • Forsterite is grown in Russia. A member of the olivine mineral group, natural forsterite also exists, and can be found primarily in Sri Lanka.
  • In Greece, in areas whose ophiolitic rocks are extensively developed, there exist significant olivine deposits, mainly in the Kozani prefec-ture (Vourinos area) and in Chalkidiki (Vavdos) area.

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