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Global Markets & Technology Issues Present & Future on CD ROM
Pressure on prices is high in Export Markets. Therefore more and more suppliers are looking for possibilities in low-wage countries. As price is a highly important issue, labour intensive products and products that have been treated or finished have good chances.
Exporters should be prepared  to
• act as a subcontractor
• comply with the European legal technical requirements
• guarantee the same level of quality as European suppliers
• apply the same commercial and (professional) communication standards
• respond to the demand for quick and reliable delivery times
China has almost reached its maximum capacity of steel production It cannot meet the increasing foreign demand, which offers opportunities for other (developing) countries, provided they can meet the high quality demand of customers. Another
opportunity  is the Kyoto agreement, which sets targets for the reduction of energy- and other primary fuel consumption. As  developed countries are expected to have difficulties in meeting these maximum pollution levels, some parts of the production of
the these countries could be transferred to developing countries 
Trade, Technology & Business Opportunities for Foundry Industries
  • Important areas where there is good potential: the automotive, mechanical
    engineering and the agricultural machinery industry.
  • Product groups having excellent opportunities are: cast and/or forged products of iron or steel, products of aluminum, locks and padlocks,
    (parts of) gas turbines, cylinders for calendaring or other rolling machines, parts of machinery, parts of transmission and parts of magnesium.
  • Highest Trade Potentials are in USA, France, Germany, Italy, Spain & India
    Sweden, The Netherlands and the UK
  • The pressure on prices remains very high. Steel-mills increase their prices dramatically and main customers refuse to accept price adaptations. Most cast and forged products are subject to high quality and inspection standards. In addition to existing quality standards, such as ISO, process control could offer an opportunity for exporters as not all companies in the Developed Countries have process control. OEMs are concentrating and focusing on their core businesses. As a result, subcontractors focus on product development.
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