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  • A colorless, high-purity form of silica is called fumed silica.

  • Fumed silica is an enterosorbent, i.e. an agent that absorbs and removes substances harmful and toxic to the body from intestinal tract.

  • Fumed silica has a chain-like particle morphology.

  • Fumed silica is composed of submicron-sized spheres, which are 40-60% fused into short chains, very highly branched, 0.1-0.2 microns long.


  • Fumed silica is manufactured by a similar flame hydrolysis process to synthetic fused silica.

  • Fumed silica (FS) particles are dispersed in different oligoethers and in high-molecular weight poly(ethylene oxide) PEO and their properties evaluated with the aim to fine tune them for improved performance.

  • Fumed silica is prepared by the flame hydrolysis of silicon tetrachlot-ide (Sit&) in a flame of Hz and 02.

  • Synthesis of non-agglomerated, spherical fumed silica particles in a flame aerosol reactor using laminar and turbulent classic and double diffusion flames has been studied.


  • Fumed silica is effective and integral component in adhesive and sealant systems.

  • Fumed silica is used on large scale in the production of toothpaste. It keeps teeth enamel safe providing excellent polish and serves as a carrier of active ingredients in gel toothpaste.

  • Fumed silica functions as a stabiliser and anti-settling agent of pigments and as an anti-sedimentation additive.

  • Fumed silica is active reinforcing filler used in the production of silicon rubbers.


  • Polymerization compounding technique is used to improve the properties of ultrafine silica-based polyurethane composites. Fumed or ultrafine silica is a widely used inorganic filler in the composite industries.

  • The structure of nanometer sized silica particles called fumed silica, which can be produce by burning silicon tetrachloride in an oxygen-hydrogen flame using infrared and raman spectroscopies and high energy x-diffraction technique. 

  • One production method for the production of fumed silica involved a continuous flame hydrolysis technique.

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