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  • Gallium arsenide (GaAs) is a compound of two elements, gallium and arsenic. It is an important semiconductor.
  • GaAs has some electronic properties which are superior to those of silicon.


  • The crystal growth using a horizontal zone furnace (Bridgman-Stockbarger technique) where Ga and Arsenic vapour react and deposit on a seed crystal at the cooler end of the furnace.
  • Gallium arsenide thin films were electrodeposited from acid aqueous solution on graphite substrates.


  • Japanese manufacturers accounted for over 13% of the global GaAs device market in 2007.
  • Mitsubishi Electric remained the largest Japanese supplier of GaAs and was joined by Eudyna Devices in the top ten.
  • The largest European GaAs device manufacturer will be UMS moving forwards. UMS ranked 12th in 2007.


  • It is used to make devices such as microwave frequency integrated circuits infrared light-emitting diodes, laser diodes and solar cells.
  • Another advantage of GaAs is that it has a direct band gap, which means that it can be used to emit light efficiently.
  • Due to its high switching speed, GaAs would seem to be ideal for computer applications.

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