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About Geranium Oil
Geranium essential oil is one of the most marketed and its components, citronellol and geraniol, are used for the synthesis and manufacturing of a great number of high grade and superior quality perfumes. Geranium is cultivated as a rain fed perennial crop in some pockets of cool agro-climatic conditions of South Indian hills.

Geranium oil is primarily used by fragrance companies.
The major markets for geranium oil are the United States, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, other European countries, and Japan. France is a major reexporter of geranium oil, often further distilled and reblended there to client specifications. Various industry suppliers estimate world demand at around 250 tons Annual Japanese imports are estimated at around 15 tons. 

China is the primary producer, with most other product sourced from Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, and Reunion. Egyptian product is considered of a better quality than product from China, while Reunion product is considered superior to both. Other countries
such as Russia produce for their own internal consumption.

Production in India is about 5 tons per year against a demand of 150 tons. To meet the high demand of Cosmetic & Perfumery Industries imports are resorted to. One hectare plantation of geranium yield about 25 kg oil valued at about Rs.1,00,000.  A farmer can earn about Rs.50,000/- net profit on per hectare basis according to Consultants in the field.

Contents of CD ROM  
1.Cultivation Details: Seeds, farming methods, sources   of supply of farm inputs,
2.Extraction Technology
3.Suppliers from various exporting countries - Full Contact Information including web sites, email IDs
4.Buyers from Importing Countries - Contact Information with web sites, email Id
5.Prices in the Markets
6.Trade Leads - Offers to Buy & Sell
7.Trade Associations
9.Countries & Governments Rules & Regulations
10.Market Survey Reports
11.Standards & Quality related Informations
12.Company Profiles
13.Trade Fairs
15.News about the Industry
16.Advertising in the Trade Portals
17.Trading Information
18.Technology Institutions
19.Technology Transfer
20.Consultants Contact Information

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