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  • Glyoxal is an organic compound with the formula OCHCHO. It will be an yellow-coloured liquid and also smallest dialdehyde.

  • Glyoxal, difunctional low mole weight aldehyde, is a highly reactive intermediate used for the preparation of copolymers, dyes, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, corrosion inhibitors and photographic chemicals.


  • The preparation of anhydrous glyoxal entails heating solid glyoxal hydrate(s) with phosphorus pentoxide.

  • Glyoxal may be formed in the degradation of glucose by retroaldol condensation reactions activated by deprotonation of the 2- or 3-hydroxy groups.

  • Commercial glyoxal is prepared either by the gas phase oxidation of ethylene glycol in the presence of a silver or copper catalyst or by the liquid phase oxidation of acetaldehyde with nitric acid.


  • Glyoxal is endogenously produced during normal cellular metabolism by a multitude of enzymeindependent pathways.

  • Glyoxal is also a product of the metabolism and microsomal oxidation of other compounds, such as glycolaldehyde, ethylene glycol, and β- hydroxy-substituted N-nitrosamines.

  • Glyoxal, which attacks amino groups of proteins, nucleotides, and lipids, is considered an important intermediate in the formation of advanced glycation endproducts (AGEs).


  • Paper coatings and textiles use large amounts of glyoxal as a crosslinker for starch-based formulations and as a starting

  •  material with ureas for wrinkle-resistant chemical treatments.

  • It is used as a solubilizer and cross-linking agent in polymer chemistry.

  • It is used in soil and cement stabilizing and also used to improve moisture resistance in paper, leather and glue.

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