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  • Gold is recovered from industrial, dental, porcelain or jewellary scrap. For refining, gold bearing alloys are processed on different methods, depending on their carat content.
  • Two methods are commonly employed for purification: the Miller process and the Wohlwill process.
  • Alternatively, it can be a complex mix of burning, drying, grinding, screening, blending and sampling for low-grade scrap and floor sweepings. Whatever the material, proper evaluation is key to arriving at a settlement that is fair to both customer and refiner.
  • The proportion of gold in jewellary is measured on the carat (or karat) scale. The word carat comes from the carob seed, which was originally used to balance scales in Oriental bazaars. Pure gold is designated 24 carat, which compares with the "fineness" by which bar gold is defined.
  • The most widely used alloys for jewellary in Europe are 18 and 14 carat, although 9 carat is popular in the UK. Portugal has a unique designation of 19.2 carats. In the United States 14 carat predominates, with some 10 carat. In the Middle East, India and South East Asia, jewellary is traditionally 22 carat (sometimes even 23 carat). In China, Hong Kong and some other parts of Asia, "chuk kam" or pure gold jewellary of 990 fineness (almost 24 carat) is popular.
  • India being the largest consumer of gold jewellary and with a very low production of gold, it largely depends on imported fine gold.
  • Indian jewellary has huge demand in world with estimated exports worth US $ 3,813 million in 2004 - 05.
  • South Africa is the world's largest producer of gold, followed by USA and Australia. Together, these countries account for 45 % of the world's total gold production.
  • India is the largest consumer of gold, followed by the USA. The global gold production rate is expected to increase at 4%.
  • Annual demand for gold falls into three main categories, the largest of which is the jewellary market, which was worth $40 billion in 2005.
  • Valcambi refines mine and scrap precious metals, manufactures kilo, 10 tola, 100g bars and investment bars for global markets, semi finished products for the luxury Swiss watch industry and coins. Finorafa is a major supplier, distributor and financier of precious metals to all major markets, currently provide over $500m of precious metals financing to investment rated banks.
  • Desktop Gold Refining equipment & initial consumables cost about USD 1500
  • The project can be a good source of income considering the simplicity of operation, low investment , availability of plenty of Scrap and more interestingly Gold prices scaling new hights during & future days
General Introduction
  • More About Gold
  • Gold - The Cost Effective,
    Recyclable Electronic Material
  • Gold Refining
  • Gold Smelting and Refining


  • Transfer of mining technology and the birth of new technology
  • Roasting of gold ore
  • Mineral Commodity Profiles—Gold
  • Production Technologies
  • Method and Apparatus for Extracting and Refining Gold from Ore - Patent
  • Process for Refining Gold and Apparatus Employed Therefor - Patent

Gold Scrap

  • Gold Recycling
  • Recovery of Gold
  • Prime sources of gold supply
  • Gold Losses and Control in Gold Jewellary Manufacture
  • Gold Scrap Grade

Gold Refining Equipment

  • Refining Systems Suppliers
  • Equipment Supplier
  • Gold Refining System
  • Albar's Precious Metal Refining Equipment
  • New and Used Mining Equipment
  • Furnaces Suppliers
  • Gold refinery
  • Precious Metal Assaying and Refinery
  • Precious metals refining plants
  • Casting & Finishing Equipment
  • Refining Equipment Directory
  • Jewelry Manufacturing Tools and Mold and Die Equipment
  • Gold Refining Machinery
  • Smelting & Refining Equipment
  • Gold Refining Systems
  • Gold refinery vessels

Gold Refining Process

  • Recovery And Refining Of Gold Jewellary Scraps And Wastes
  • Precious metal refining
  • Production of Gold
  • Borates in Gold Metallurgy
  • Precious metals
  • Preparation of Gold
  • Gold Refining Process Chart
  • Small-medium scale refining by
    inquartation and parting
  • The Basic  Process of Gold Recovery
  • Refining

Policy And Procedures

  • Indian Government Policy Towards Gold
  • Performance Budget
  • Annual Policy Statement for the Year 2006-07
  • - India's Premier portal on Central Excise matters
  • Deregulation of Gold In India
  • Reserve Bank of India Notification
  • A Comprehensive Manual for Foreign Direct Investment - Policy and Procedures
  • Gold Deposit Scheme - Notifications
  • The Changing Needs of India’s Gold Policy
  • Manual on Foreign Direct Investment in India
Investment Cost
  • Newmont investment
  • Foreign Investment
  • Rand Refinery eyes up Indian market
  • Investing in the Free State
  • Venture Capital


  • Market Overview
  • Gold Market and Price
  • Refining And Recycling
  • Overview of Mining Industry Policies
  • Recent Developments in the Middle East Gold Market
  • Gold Market
  • Scope for Research in Mining Industry in South India
  • Gold Statistics
  • Markets

Projects and Plant Details

  • Gold Refinery
  • Gold Refining Plants and Assaying Machines
  • Gujarat Gold Center
  • The Modder East Gold Project
  • Partial conversion of uranium refinery into gold refinery
  • Golden Phoenix Minerals, Inc
  • Processing Plant

Company Profiles

  • AGR Matthey
  • Chemmanur Gold Refinery
  • Midwest Refineries
  • Newmont Mining Corporation
  • Parekh Platinum Limited
  • Rand Refinery
  • Shirpur Gold Refinery Ltd
  • Shandong Gold Group Co., Ltd
  • The Meycauayan Jewelry Industry Association
  • Gold Refining Services
  • G & S Metals


  • Recycling of electronic materials
  • Exploration
  • Extraction & Processing
  • Newmont Annual Report
  • The Problem of “Rogue” Companies
  • The Good Delivery Rules for Gold and Silver Bars
  • Eaglecrest Explorations Ltd. - Update Report
  • Gold
  • Al Ghurair Giga Gold Refinery to attain full capacity production by Q3
  • Pearl Asian Mining Industries Inc. Announces Acquisition
  • Harmony shuts its gold refinery


  • Association of Responsible Mining
  • Brook Hunt
  • HEV Consulting
  • Experts
  • Jorge Alberto Provenzali


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