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  • Graphite Powder is a fine black powder.
  • Graphite contains high levels of carbon and therefore offers good electrical conductivity.
  • Graphite powder in micron size range is one of the basic requirements for making its colloidal suspension in aqueous or organic medium.
  • Grinding of graphite powder in narrow range is an important unit operation.
  • There are many methods of purification of graphite powders. Most of them involve acid or alkali treatments while several involve either expansion processes or physical treatments.
  • The chemical oxidation of graphite powder can be done by the strong oxidative agents ammonium peroxysulfate and hot, concentrated nitric acid with subsequent LiOH treatment - by Ein-Eli.


  • Major application of micron size natural graphite powder is in the production of colloidal suspensions for use in metal forming industry.
  • Fine natural graphite powder shows good properties in heat resistance, heat expansion and electric conductivity, and has been used as the materials for high-efficient secondary batteries, lubrication, etc.
  • Graphite powder is a key additive in Powder Metallurgy(PM) formulations.
  • Graphite powder can be used as a dry lubricant in its original form or as a lubrication additive in greases, oils or colloidal solutions.
  • High modulus solid graphite products are used in nozzle throats of solid rocket boosters.
  • The detection of peptide was greatly enhanced by graphite micropurification.
  • Carbon vaporization was achieved through the evaporation of graphite powder.


  • Graphite Crucibles are refractory containers specially shaped for metallurgical operations. The manufacturing process of the products is based on the improved technology.
  • The processing and application of graphite powder-based sacrificial layer for fabrication of microfluidic structures in LTCC technology has been determined.
  • The electrochemical studies results of graphite (rod and powder) can be determined by using the galvanostatic technique.

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