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Information @ a Glance

  • Guduchi is a perennial plant of weak and fleshy stem found throughout the India. The aerial roots that arises from the stem are tread like. The leaf is heart shaped and smooth. The flowers are yellowish in colour emerges in bunch in rainy season. The fruits of guduchi are pea like which are seen in winter in India.
  • Guduchi is a famous plant of traditional use and also a powerful rasayana mentioned in Indian ayurvedic literature. It is considered as a bitter tonic and powerful immuno modulator. Guduchi is very much useful to enhance memory.

Extraction and Composition

  • The process of extract formation has the follwing process to be performed. Collection of the guduchi plant (must be a grown up one) and wipe out the physical impurities, preferably by washing. Making it dry under sun and made it into fine powder form. Powder of finest type should be got by repeated seiving. Then extract it by suitable extractor. Store it in aseptic condition for export.
  • The advantages of taking guduchi extract have some special benifit than the other forms. It bears the active principle all in concentrated active form. Guduchi extract is free from any impurities. It is the suitable form that can be converted into any other synthetic form for commercial purposes.


  • Guduchi acts as a diuretic and found to be effective against Renal obstruction like calculi and other urinary disorders. Guduchi acts as a memory booster, develops inteligence, promotes mental clarity. It is described as one of the Medhya Rasayana (mental rejuvenative) in the Charak Samhita. Guduchi is regarded as a liver protector. Guduchi is considered helpful in eye disorders as a tissue builder and promotes mental clarity. The stem of guduchi is used in general debility, dyspepsia and urinary diseases. Guduchi is anti-pyretic and act as a tonic after fever, also has action against alternative fever like Malaria.

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