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  • Gum Rosin is Natural organic compound, mainly composed of resins, possesses chemical activity when dissolved in many organic solvents.

  • Gum Rosin is easily softened and oxidized, in the oil paint industry, the carboxylation reaction of resin acid is usually employed to produce resinate for further use

  • It is kind of natural resin, a mixture with various organic acid, and with special chemical activity, and important chemicals.


  •  While in the producing of synthetic rubber and printing ink, polymerized rosin, resin acid is changed intodisproportionate rosin, hydrogenated rosin, etc for further use by its double bond reaction.

  • Packing, Storing and Transporting of Gum Rosin can be done in galvanized Iron drums of about 225 / 230kgs net  each, 225kg gi drum.

  • Gum Rosin is distilled from pine resin.

  • The wood for distillation of resinous wood generally used is obtained from longleaf and slash pine species. Live- trees of these species are also tapped for the oleoresin from which gum turpentine and rosin are obtained.

  • Changes in the composition of gum rosin during disproportionation in the presence of 5% palladium-on-charcoal have been determined by gas chromatography.


  •  Gum Rosin used in , paint, most rosin product is used for the manufacturing of paper, soap and printing ink.

  • A gum rosin ester modified by pharmaceutical glycerin, specially made for the application of chewing/bubble gum base, citrus oil beverages and flavors.

  • Rosin Ester is used as emulsion agent.

  •  Blend of plant oils and gum rosin used for the impregnation and protection of stone and masonry.


  • The risk of gum rosin production for the producers is large. It takes one month for producers to purchase oleoresin, the raw material to the produce and transport rosin, the final product to ports for sale.

  • Chinese gum turpentine industry is always a subsidiary industry of gum rosin.

  •  The price of gum turpentine changes frequently, and it has been in an increasing trend in recent years.

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