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  • A halide is a binary compound, of which one part is a halogen atom and the other part is an element or radical that is less electronegative than the halogen, to make a fluoride, chloride, bromide, iodide, or astatide compound.
  • A halide ion is a halogen atom bearing a negative charge. The halide anions are fluoride (F−), chloride (Cl−), bromide (Br−), iodide (I−) and astatide (At−). Such ions are present in all ionic halide salts.
  • In organic chemistry halides represent a functional group. Any organic compound that contains a halogen atom can be considered a halide. Alkyl halides are organic compounds of the type R-X, containing an alkyl group R covalently bonded to a halogen X.
  • Dihalides are commonly used in the synthesis of cyclic alkanes.
  • The typical halide mineral is soft, can be transparent, is generally not very dense, has good cleavage, and often has bright colors.


  • Metal halides are used in high-intensity discharge lamps called metal halide lamps, such as those used in modern street lights. These are more energy-efficient than mercury-vapor lamps, and have much better colour rendition than orange high-pressure sodium lamps.
  • Metal halide lamps are also commonly used in greenhouses or in rainy climates to supplement natural sunlight.


  • Metal halide sales have increased at an average rate of 15% each year.
  • The number of prints being produced on silver halide paper from film and digital imaging devices will rise from 135 billion in 2000 to 142 billion in 2008.
  • The growth of silver halide based photography papers, silver usage for these products should rise from 46.0 million troy ounces in 2000 to 60.1 million troy ounces in 2008.
  • Demand for X-ray films, which represent the largest usage segment for silver halide, are continuing to grow, despite the emergence of sophisticated digital X-ray technology.

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