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  • A(n) herb is a plant that is valued for qualities such as medicinal properties, flavor, scent, or the like.
  • A medicinal herb may be a shrub or other woody plant, whereas a culinary herb is a non-woody plant, typically using the leaves.
  • Herbs are various kinds of herbaceous plants whose fresh or dried parts are used to season foods, provide fragrances, supply natural dyes, or make industrial or pharmaceutical products.


  • The beginning herb gardener might want to start by growing herbs such as basil, chive, dill, oregano, parsley, sage, and thyme.
  • Harvest time is determined by the growing condition of the herb, rather than by a specific date or month.
  • Annual herbs like basil or dill live for only one season. They go from seedling to a thriving plant that produces flowers and then seeds in a single growing year.
  • The most commonly used methods for curing herbs are air drying, silica sand drying, and drying with heat.


  • Many herbs can successfully be dried for long-term storage, certain delicate herbs, such as parsley, basil and chives, lose many of their aromatic qualities when dried.
  • Herbs that are going to be used in culinary recipes can successfully be frozen for later use.
  • The Phytosome® process is a patented technology combining herbal extracts with phospholipids (lecithin) for increased absorption of the herb.
  • When an herbal product is not standardized, you have absolutely no idea how much of the herb's key compound(s) you are actually getting. Standardization process guarantees a consistent and appropriate level of each plant's medicinal elements within each of the product formulations


  • Growing herbs for the medicinal market has received a lot of interest from potential commercial growers, but it is still a new and uncertain market.
  • In most western countries, the vast majority of herbs are imported. In Australia 90% of herbs used commercially are imported.
  • A new market that can be seen developing at the moment is herbs planted in pots sold for the customer to grow.
  • Two main types of processed herbs which are available on the market are air dried and freeze-dried.

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