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Herbal Extracts : is a concentrated form of an herb. It is obtained through extracting the properties of a crude herb using a solvent. The solvent may be alcohol, water, vinegar or glycerin.

Standardized Extracts - Manufactured, tested and guaranteed to contain a said amount of active constituents.

Other Extracts:

Tincture - The mildest form.
Strength ratio: Typically 1:5 (1 part herb to 5 parts solvent) or 1:10
Solvent used: Alcohol, water, glycerin, vinegar.

Liquid Extracts - Typically 4-5 times as potent as tinctures. May be obtained by using dried or fresh plants.
Strength ratio: (Dried) 1:2, (Fresh) 1:1 (1 part herb by weight to 1 part solvent by volume).
Solvent used: Alcohol, water, glycerin, vinegar.

U.S. Pharmacopoeia Fluid Extract
Strength ratio: 1:1 (1 part dry herb to 1 part solvent)
Solvent used: Alcohol

Solid or Powdered Extract - A U.S. Pharmacopoeia fluid extract
concentrated to a ratio of 4:1 (4 parts herb to 1 part solvent). This is accomplished using vaccuum or evaporation methods. These can be reconstitued with solvent back to liquid extracts or tinctures.
Strength ration: 1:1 up to as much as 100:1.

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  • About the crop, botanical information, cultivation & Extraction Information Sources
  • Uses & Applications
  • Technology Information Sources
  • Technology Transfer Offers
  • Equipment Details & Suppliers
  • Consultants in the subject
  • Companies in the field
  • Botanicals Importers
  • Sample Trade Leads
  • How to generate trade enquiries ?

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