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  • Hindered Phenols are nothing but a phenolic stabilizers.

  • Phenolic stabilizers are primary antioxidants that act as hydrogen donors.


  • Methylation of hindered phenols, aromatic amines and carboxylic acids with dimethylcarbonate and a catalytic amount of DMAP is most effective, and the by-products are carbon dioxide and methanol.

  • A typical manufacturing process for a hindered phenol antioxidant uses a substituted cresol raw material for the phenolic ring portion of the molecule, and an aldehyde raw material for the bridging or connecting group. The batch reaction takes place in an alcoholic solvent and utilizes an acid catalyst. When the reaction is complete, the batch is quenched with water and decanted. Purification steps may include additional water washes/decants before the product is slurried with a hydrocarbon solvent, vacuum filtered, washed with additional solvent, centrifuged and dried.

  • Deactivated and sterically hindered phenols have been acetylated with acetic anhydride under microwave
    irradiation and using iodine as catalyst in an eco-friendly process.

Application &Technology

  • Hindered phenol antioxidants, which contain the 2,6-di-tert-butylphenol functional group, are very effective primary antioxidants.

  • The Oxygen Induction Time (OIT) test is an accelerated aging test that is often used to predict the long
    term stability of hydrocarbon materials including plastics, rubbers, and adhesives. The OIT can be Studied by Hindered Phenol Stabilizers in Natural Rubber and Hot Melt Adhesives.

  • The effects of extracellular application of some sterically-hindered phenols can be investigated using the patch-clamp technique.

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