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  • In medicine, a tincture is an alcoholic extract or solution of a non-volatile substance. Solutions of volatile substances were called spirits, although that name was also given to several other materials obtained by distillation, even when they did not include alcohol.

  • A tincture is an herbal preparation made with alcohol or distilled water and dried or fresh herbs.


  • Tincturing is the process of making an herbal extract by steeping ground herb in a liquid menstruum, thereby infusing the liquid with the active constituents of the herb. These active consti-tuents are sometimes known as "extractives." The tincture itself is the finished product, a relatively stable solution of extractives that is preserved  against deterioration.
  • In homeopathic pharmaceuticals prepared from botanical origin, the fresh plant is cleaned, finely chopped and mixed with the appropriate quantity of ethyl alcohol and water as specified in the HPUS/RS.  Tinctures are tested against quality control specifications in the HPUS/RS, including organoleptic and chemical identity tests, dry residue and alcohol content determinations, as well as positive identification by thin layer chromatography (TLC).

Market & Report

  • The homeopathic medicines manufacturing units are bracketed in the country within the over all ambit of drug and pharmaceutical industry. No separate slot has been given to homeopathy, biochemic, ayurvedic and unani medicines either in the drug & pharmaceutical sector or industry wise sector.
  • The Indian drug and pharmaceutical industry is seen as a notable performer. The output of the industry in previous years is valued at Rs. 9656 crores comprising of Rs. 2045 crores of bulk drugs and Rs. 7611 crores of formulations. The industry's export at Rs. 2800 crores constituted 29% of total output and at the same time certain essential life saving drugs valued at Rs. 852 crores have been imported in the country during the same period.
  • Mother Tincher is classified as a bulk drug. Its over all output for the last 5 years has remained at Rs. l45 lakhs only out of the total requirements of around Rs. 33 crores. The over all demand growth rate for homeopathic and bio chemic medicines has been around 16% per annum except for mother tincher for which the demand growth rate has been around 39%. 

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