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  • During the 1920s and 1930s, it became common for electric refrigerators to come with a freezer section that included an ice cube compartment with trays.
  • Now, refrigerators come with a variety of ice cube making options that go beyond trays. There are internal automatic icemakers and icemakers and dispensers built into refrigerator doors
  • Commercial ice machines are used in restaurants,hospitals, hotels, schools, offices and grocery stores.
  • Ice machines may be integrated with an insulated storage bin  known as a self-contained unit, or mounted on top of a separate bin.
  • Energy efficient ice machines are, on average, 30 percent more efficient than standard models.
  • Energy-efficient cube ice machines save between 15-30% on energy costs and 20-40% on water costs over standard efficiency models
  • Qualifying ice machines generate 60 grams (2 oz.) or lighter cubed, flaked, crushed, or fragmented ice and do not exceed the energy efficiency thresholds by Ice Harvest Rate (IHR) .
  • The IHR (or capacity in lbs) is the amount of ice produced in 24 hours
  • Investing in more energy efficient ice machines can save of money per year
  • Automatic ice machines manufacture two main types of ice: flake and cube
  • Flake ice is often used for product displays, while
    cube ice is often used for beverages.
  • In flake machines, 100 percent of the potable water consumed is made into ice, including any impurities found in the water. In cube machines, water flows over freezing plates and the impurities are washed away during purge
  • Ice machines, along with other refrigeration equipment, could be considered sources of waste heat to provide heat to hot water production or for space heating.

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  • Water & Energy use analysis
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  • Ice Cube Calorimetry
  • Ice Makers
  • Freezing Herbs
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