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  • Insulator is a material that resists the flow of electric current. It is an object intended to support or separate electrical conductors without passing current through itself.
  • An insulation material has atoms with tightly bonded valence electrons. The term electrical insulation has the same meaning as the term dielectric.
  • An electrical insulator resists the flow of electricity. Application of a voltage difference across a good insulator results in negligible electrical current.
  • Before electricity was made, there was the Big Electricity to deal with: lightning. Glass insulators were LRIs (Lightning Rod Insulators), used to insulate lightning rods and cables from structures.


  • Steatite, cordierite, forsterite, magnesium oxide and aluminum oxide are among the wide varieties of raw materials used in the production of Du-Co ceramic insulators. Materials are tested and monitored throughout the production process.
  • Glass temperature for insulator production degree to 2050-degree range, depending on the size of the insulator. Smaller insulators could be run hotter, and hotter glass required the I-D machine to advance more rapidly. 
  • Porcelain insulator production for high voltage application can be made by two possible methods: 1.The conventional (plastic) production process. 2. The isostatic (developed within PPC group) production process.


  • The software program called Insulator Selection Tool (IST) can be applied for different practical cases of Statistical principles of insulator dimensioning. One of the applications can be the use of the field data obtained at test stations. Such stations are normally equipped with different measurement systems for pollution monitoring.
  • The PLP Polymer Insulators are for use in overhead distribution lines using bare or covered conductors. They are particularly suited for use with Spacer Cable and Tree wire as a better electrical alternative, to porcelain insulators.
  • Polymer Insulators can be used with jacketed jumper wires, eliminating skinning, and providing additional wildlife protection at equipment locations.


  • Insulators composed of finely spaced alternating layers of dielectric and metal are thought to minimize secondary emission avalanche (SEA) growth. That can be achieved through High Gradient Insulator Technology
  • The Silicon On Insulator (SOI) technology has been adopted by major companies for the fabrication of high-performance, low-power CMOS circuits.
  • A Insulation Company used only Silicone Rubber compounds as the material for the composite insulator housing. The extensive experience in this field has  positioned that company as market leader in the adaptation and use of composite insulations in order to replace the glass or porcelain technologies.


  • The UK thermal insulation market, including building and industrial insulation, has demonstrated strong growth over the five year review period. The market has mainly been driven by demand for building thermal insulation in recent years, while the development of industrial thermal insulation has been moderate.
  • According to a company's 2008 State of the Industry Report, the number of insulators reporting a drop in dollar volume almost tripled since last year. Forty-three percent of insulators saw their business drop off in 2007 a figure significantly higher than for roofers and siders.

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