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Information @ a Glance


  • Insulin is a hormone with intensive effects on both metabolism and several other body systems .

  • Insulin is secreted by groups of cells within the pancreas called islet cells.

  • Insulin delivery systems include: Insulin pens, insulin jet injectors, external insulin pumps, implantable pumps, insulin patches, insulin inhalers, oral insulins and islet cell transplantation.

  • Insulin is a peptide drug, hence is still a challenging and uncompromised drug molecule that cannot be given in oral dosage form.

Technology and Process

  • The advanced methods of insulin delivery system would gradually progress towards physiological insulin replacement and reduce the long-term complications of diabetes mellitus.

  • The non-invasive, basal delivery of insulin has been a major goal for the treatment of diabetes mellitus (DM), which affects more than 21 million individuals in the United States.

  • Enormous developments have occurred in the delivery system of insulin during the last twenty years and each improvement was aimed at two common goals: patients convenience and better glycemic control.


  • Insulin is used medically to treat some forms of diabetes mellitus.

  • Insulin is used in the treatment of Diabeted Mellitus.


  • Novo Nordisk, who dominates the world insulin market, now also has a stranglehold on the world insulin delivery device market, holding a 70 per cent share with its range of pen devices.

  • In future, more acceptable and cost effective insulin inhaler will be introduced. Newer avenues are under extensive trial for better future insulin delivery systems.

  • The convenience of non-invasive insulin delivery methods is set to overcome their high cost and concerns about safety and efficacy, with the greatest beneficiary being the European inhaled insulin market which is predicted to swell from $49.3m (38.5m) in 2006 to $611.7m in 2012

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