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  • A mixture of equal parts of glucose and fructose resulting from the hydrolysis of sucrose.

  • It is found naturally in fruits and honey and produced artificially for use in the food industry.

  • The term invert comes from the method used for measuring sugar syrups.

  • Invert sugar is a valuable sweetener in food and pharmaceutical application because of its functionally more desirable properties i.e. high osmotic pressure, high solubility and humid nature.

Technology and Process

  • A wide range of new and more desirable carbohydrate-based sweeteners have emerged on the scene to keep pace with the advances in food technology.

  • The conventional method of manufacturing Invert Sugar involves acid hydrolysis of sucrose, the popular and cheap sweetener.

  • Main raw materials required are, Maize grits, Sugar (low grade) or sugar cane juice and enzymes. The enzymes may have to be imported.

  • Invertase enzymes is used traditionally in the production of inverted sugars for industry, especially in the manufacture of candies and preserves, production of lactic acid and ethanol production from fermentation of cane sugar molasses.

  • Invert Sugar is prepared by the hydrolysis of sucrose to glucose and fructose.

Uses and Market

  • Invert Sugar as an intravenous infusion has been indicated in those conditions where Dextrose is used for parenteral administration of carbohydrates.

  • Main Consumers of Invert sugar are the baking, beverages, canning, confectionery and dairy industries.

  • These sweeteners have wide applications in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

  • As the price of invert sugar is only marginally higher than normal sugar, the demand picks up phenomenally in its easy availability.

  • The Invert Sugar is greater in demand than pure glucose as food and drink sweeteners, because fructose is sweeter than glucose.

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