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Information @ a Glance

  • IQF has been the freezing method of choice for seasonal products such as fruits and vegetables ever since the first Foresee was introduced. And over the years, it has been further developed to cover a broader range of other product types such as diced meat, shrimps, pasta and rice.
  • Berries and other delicate fruits store better when individually quick frozen. Once frozen, fruit can be packaged then stored in a freezer. A major advantage of this process is that the fruit pieces do not clump and individual pieces can be removed without thawing the entire package. Dry ice is used for this process and is available at many grocery stores and local ice making facilities
  • In every day life, we can see easily freezing and cold storage facilities in fishery storage building, supermarket, department store, ice cream store, meat and fishery store, etc to keep agricultural, fishery and its processed products fresh not to be rotten, tainted, and perished. Shortly speaking, these systems are indispensable to us now a days .


  • Oxidation (rancidity) can occur during freezer storage causing off flavors through exposure of frozen product to air. Using high quality plastic bags or containers designed for freezing can prevent rancid flavor development as well as protect against freezer burn which is a result of moisture loss.
  • The process of freezing involves freezing the water in the cellular spaces of fruit tissue. As this water freezes it expands forming ice crystals that rupture cell walls resulting in softer texture once fruit is thawed. To reduce cellular damage chill and freeze fruit quickly so that the ice crystals formed are smaller.

Production & Technology

  • Individual quick freezing (IQF) is a technology originally developed by Frigoscandia Equipment as a specific c solution to block or cluster-freezing of small-sized products, to preserve quality and to give unparalleled convenience to end-users.
  • IQF frozen vegetables are produced from fresh, field-selected raw materials which are sorted, washed, pitted, peeled, cut according to requirements, blanched and frozen in IQF flow-freezer and finally packed in poly lined cardboard boxes after being metal detected.


  • Very Italiano IQF (Individual Quick Frozen) microwaveable pasta snacks were launched in Italy and other western European markets last year, but the Italian firm behind the brand is hoping to push sales this year not only to the US but also to eastern Europe and Asia.
  • Paolo Lupini of Very Italiano said that the product was designed to combine the gastronomic tradition of Italy – using the best ingredients and know-how – with modern demands for convenience. The pasta snack is also said to be healthier and more balanced (each pot contains no more than 350 calories) than many rival snack products.
  • The brand packaging is also distinctive, with the tall, narrow container similar in shape to a plastic cup designed to be held comfortably in one hand for consumers wanting to eat ‘on-the-go'. It also features what the company calls the ‘strap flap' opening, a simple closure which removes the need for a pot top.
  • With the growth of the seafood industry and with a greater demand for seafood itself, there is an increasing need to transport product worldwide. Although moving fresh product is still practiced globally, freezing is becoming a more efficient way to transport this commodity.

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