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  • Pyrite, (FeS2) is a very common mineral that can be found in virtually all geological environments,
  • Pyrite, mineral form of FeS2 is largely Ferrous Sulphide or Iron Sulfide
  • Ferrous Sulphide or Iron Sulfide is in the form Sticks, Lumps and Powder
  • It exists in several distinct forms such as Pyrrhotite , Troilite, Mackinawite
  • Mackinawite,  the least stable from of iron sulfide, mackinawite has a layered structure
  • Lignite deposits, marine sediments, sea floor contain Iron sulfide in varying composition
  • Ferrous Sulphide or Iron Sulfide sticks are widely used as a laboratory chemical for the preparation of Hydrogen Sulphide gas
  • Widely used in Foundries, steel Industries, Iron melting etc
  • Because of its sulphur content, pyrite is of commercial interest and is currently used mainly as
    a starting material for the production of sulphur dioxide and sulphuric acid
  • Iron Pyrite films are prepared for solar cells deposition due to its electrical & Optical properties

Products & Specifications

  • Lumps, Sticks & Powder
  • MSDS
  • Material Data Sheet
  • Pyrite
  • Mackinawite
  • Troilite
  • Pyrrhotite
  • Ferrous sulphide Technical broken sticks
  • Properties of iron sulphides


  • Manufacturer
  • Links to suppliers
  • Supplier
  • Synthetic sulfide Materials


  • Project consultant


  • Lithium cell with cathode including iron disulfide and iron sulfide  
  • Pyrite removal from Coal
  • Separation of Pyrite from Coal in Fluidized Bed
  • Iron sulfide mixtures; iron sulfide heavy metal treating agents; and methods of treating using such agents
Mineral Deposits
  • Pyroclastic rocks
  • Deposit Geology
  • Sulfide Ores - India
  • Iron Sulfide deposits - Canada
  • Pyrite occurrences - Turkey
  • Iron Formations
  • Lignite deposits
  • Marine sediments
  • Sea Floor deposits
  • Pyrite Mine

Technology Information

  • Iron Pyrite from Coal
  • Iron pyrite Films
  • Iron Sulfide Nano wires
  • Leaching of Iron sulfide Ore
  • Coal  Liquefaction
  • Pyritic Materials
  • Sulfur in Coal
  • Technical Bulletin - Pyrite
  • Anaerobic Oxidation of Ferrous Iron
  • Arsenic in selected arsenic-rich pyrite samples
  • Pryophoric Iron Fires
  • Acid mine drainage
  • Well treatment

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