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  • Isabgol (psyllium husks) a natural vegetable product in highly purified form is nature's highest soluble fibre obtained from plantago ovata (Isabgol) seeds.
  • It Is Recommended to supplement fibre deficient diet, may be used 5 to 10 grams daily with a glass of water , syrup, milk, fruit-juice, salted curd or lassi.
  • The Dosage can go up to three times a day as per individual requirements.


  • Isabgol is the husk obtained from Psyllium plant.
  •  It is a natural vegetable product obtained from the seeds of this plant by milling.
  • Isabgol absorbs water and swells up to give increased bulk in the intestine.
  • It also increases the moisture content of the stools.


  • Isabgol also helps to clean the gastro intestinal tract by removing the toxins present there along with the bulk. It also helps to prevent indigestion, and flatulence.
  • It removes any material, which may cause intestinal obstruction. Isabgol helps to prevent lethargy and gives a feeling of well being and good health.
  • Isabgol is recommended for relief of problems associated with chronic constipation such as piles, fissures and fistulas.
  • Isabgol helps to moisten the hard stools and brings down the burning sensation after defecation.
  •  It helps to reduce strain during defecation in persons suffering from cardio vascular diseases, hernia and pregnancy.

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