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  • Isobutyl Benzene is an organic, aromatic, neutral, colourless liquid having a specific gravity of around 0.852. It is also known as 2-methyl- 1 phenylpropene.

  • Isobutyl Benzene (IBB) is manufactured out of toluene, propylene, methanol, potassium carbonate, sodium metal etc.

  • Isobutyl benzene is used in the manufacture of Ibuprofen- an analgesic, anti-inflammatory drug.

  • The chennai-based shasun chemicals and drugs ltd proposes to invest about Rs 32 crore in a project in Thailand, to produce 5,000 tonnes a year of isobutyl benzene. And shasun could be importing into India isobutyl benzene of a value of about Rs 45 crore each year.

  • Commercial IBB has a very broad range of impurities depending on the purity of propylene used to react with toluene to form IBB,the starting material of ibuprofen.

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