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General Information

  • Isomalt is a unique, excellent tasting sugar-free bulk sweetener.
  • Isomalt is a mixture of two disaccharide alcohols: gluco-mannitol and gluco-sorbitol.
  • Isomalt is a sugarfree sugar replacer.


  • The two-step process begins with sucrose. First, an enzyme rearranges the linkage between glucose and fructose in sucrose. In the second step, two hydrogens are added to an oxygen in the fructose portion of the disaccharide


  • Isomalt has been used in the United States for several years in products such as hard candies, toffees, chewing gum, chocolates, baked goods, nutritional supplements, cough drops and throat lozenges.
  • Its main application is in sugarfree confectionery including chewing gum and candies, in which Isomalt typically replaces sugar by volume.
  • Isomalt is used as an excipient, sweetener, thickening agent, anti-caking agent or stabiliser.


  • The market for sugar-free confectionery can only gain pace, keeping in step with an increased consumer demand for 'guilt-free' products spurred on by burgeoning rates of obesity and diabetes across the globe.
  • Increasing market demand has led Cerestar to expand its isomalt production in Krefeld, Germany, expanding its capacity to meet worldwide consumer needs for confectionery sugar-free sweetener.
  • In France where sugar-free has a market share of 88 per cent - traditional sugar chewing gum consumption was down 16 per cent against a 13 per cent rise in sales of the sugar-free alternatives.

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