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  • Isophthalic acid, or benzene-1,3-dicarboxylic acid, is an aromatic dicarboxylic acid, with formula C6H4(COOH)2.
  • Isophthalic acid is an isomer of phthalic acid and terephthalic acid. Isophthalic acid melts above 300.
  • Isophthalic acid can be obtained by oxidizing meta-xylene with chromic acid, or by fusing potassium meta-sulphobenzoate, or meta-brombenzoate with potassium formate.
  • Uvitic acid, 5-methylisophthalic acid, is obtained by oxidizing mesitylene or by condensing pyroracemic acid with baryta water.
  • Polyester resins containing PIA exhibit excellent outdoor weathering relative to those containing phthalic anhydride and terephthalic acid.
  • The excellent hardness and high glass transition temperature imparted by PIA leads to improved chemical, stain, humidity, and corrosion resistance required in coatings for industrial maintenance, automotive, aerospace, general metal and coil coating applications.
  • Powder coatings formulated with PIA are used in exterior applications such as patio furniture, lawn mowers, vending machines, and automotive parts.
  • One of the largest applications for PIA is in unsaturated polyester resins for high-quality gel coats.
  • The hardness, stain and detergent resistance characteristics of PIA are ideal for polyester solid-surface countertops that are an inexpensive alternative to acrylics.
  • Isophthalic acid is an intermediate for certain high quality unsaturated polyester resins, providing excellent structural properties, corrosion resistance and weatherability in finished resins.

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