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  • Revolutionary advances in information technology and communications are transforming the world economy and presenting new challenges to all countries.
  • During the 1980s, most industrialized countries launched major programs for introducing computers into schools.
  • Project selection: research and review areas of interest, selection of project, design of structure and production of aims, estimation and list of required resources.
  • A Software Development Plan including a lifecycle selection, cost estimates, scheduling milestones, and resources required for development.
  • The Software Development Plan will be updated, as necessary, throughout the project.
  • A Requirements Document text, UML models, data flow diagrams, etc. 
  • The Document includes functional requirements and, as needed, non-functional requirements, such as sustainability, safety, security, reliability, availability, usability, and installation.
  • A System Test Plan, A Design Document, Code, Documented Test Results, User Documentation, Notes, action and the  Standards used.
  • Application Design - In this phase, which likewise accounts for about 25% of overall project effort, it is necessary to translate the functional requirements into a technical workflow.

  • Programming, has to be structured on the basis of a work breakdown chart and be standardized by means of programming guidelines. 

  • Testing also requires a work breakdown chart with test data and coverage of all the individual functions.
  • The subsequent test cycle consists of at least three sections.

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