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  • The Jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus) is a species of tree of the mulberry family (Moraceae) and its fruit, native to southwestern India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, and possibly also east to the Malay Peninsula.
  • It is an evergreen tree growing to 10-15 m tall. The leaves are alternately arranged, elliptical, 5-25 cm long and 3-12 cm broad, often lobed on young trees but entire on mature trees.
  • The flowers are produced in dense inflorescences 3-7 cm long and 1-2.5 cm broad; the male and female flowers produced on separate inflorescences, the female inflorescences commonly borne on thick branches or the trunk of the tree.


  • The fruit is rich in vitamin A,B and C , Potassium, calcium, iron, proteins, and carbohydrates.
  • Raw jackfruit is the basic raw material for fried jack chips. First of all, raw jack fruit are cut into large pieces. The bulbs are then removed with hand. The seeds are also removed. The raw bulbs are then cut into suitable length wise pieces. These pieces are fried in coconut oil or refined vegetable oil. Salt may be added to the frying pieces to enhance its taste and preservation. They are packed in polythene bags and sealed with sealing machine.


  • Jackfruit leaves also play a significant role in traditional herbal medicines
  • The sap is extremely sticky and therefore also utilised as an effective adhesive
  • The fruit can be eaten fresh, or canned and preserved in syrup


  • Export of fresh jackfruit is relatively low. In 1997, export valued is about RM 3.82 million, and increased to RM5.04 million in year 2000 and RM 4.45 million in year 2001

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