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  • Jatropha is a genus of approximately 175 succulent plants, shrubs and trees, from the family Euphorbiaceae. Jatropha is native to Central America, and has become naturalized in many tropical and subtropical areas, including India, Africa, and North America.
  • Originating in the Caribbean, the jatropha was spread as a valuable hedge plant to Africa and Asia by Portuguese traders. The mature small trees bear male and female inflorescence, and do not grow very tall.
  • The hardy jatropha is resistant to drought and pests, and produces seeds containing up to 40% oil. When the seeds are crushed and processed, the resulting oil can be used in a standard diesel engine, while the residue can also be processed into biomass to power electricity plants


  • The transesterification method developed is very simple and can be adopted at farm level , thus requires only five to six hours to produce bio-diesel.
  • Some of these oils may also be used to replace certain petroleumbased lubricants and fuels. Currently,biodiesel, which is esterified vegetable oil, has found a market niche because its use reduces some noxious exhaust emissions.


  • Economic study published by the USDA Office of Energy predicted that a modest, sustained annual market for biodiesel of 100 million gallons in the US would contribute approximately seven cents to the price of each bushel of soybeans produced in the US.
  • The development of biodiesel production and sales reached an unexpected boom in Germany and the European Union in recent years. The marketing of biodiesel through the public filling station network will also be further extended in the future.


  • The Government of Madhya Pradesh is keen to promote Jatropha cultivation at a substantial scale in the State. For the purpose the Government has identified 2000 hectares of land in various clusters across the States.
  • Further the Government proposes to establish a biodiesel production unit on a pilot scale in the State to produce high quality ready to use bio-fuel.

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