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  • Gum Karaya is an extract of sterculia trees. It is used as a thickener, emulsifier and laxative in foods, and as a denture adhesive.
  • Gum Karaya, sometimes known as Sterculia gum, is the dried exudation of the Sterculia Urens tree and other species of Sterculia. The tree is native to India.
  •  It is also used to adulterate Gum Tragacanth due to their similar physical characteristics.


  • Gum Karaya is a dried exudate of the Sterculia urens tree.
  • Tapped or drilled, the sap is collected upon hardening and sorted.
  • The gum is graded based on the percentage of bark and other foreign matter found with in the crude material.
  • It can be sold in its crude form or under go further processing such as pulverizing and sifting to obtain the desired final powdered product.


  • Karaya has been used at 0.25-1.0% as an emulsifier and binder.
  • It functions by absorbing water resulting from the ice used in chopping and by emulsifying the protein, fat and moisture to give a cohesive, smooth appearance to the finished product.
  • Karaya has been used as a stabilizer in regular whipped cream and in imitation whipped cream.

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