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  • To facilitate trade whilst preventing the spread of disease, it is essential to have rapid, simple and accurate methods by which to detect and identify plant pathogens. In the European Union, plant passports are issued to guarantee plant health, but must be validated to be worthwhile. Tests and test protocols vary between countries, and in order to harmonise testing and build confidence, there is a need to devise standardised tests and methodologies that can be used to detect and identify economically important pathogens in different countries. These tests must be specific, robust and simple.

  • Early detection by means of rapid and sensitive tests would assist control measures. They would also help to minimize chemical inputs and thereby be an important feature of attempts to develop sustainable crop production.

  • The AED-2000L instrument combined with the SP-1L probe set and accessories has been designed to handle a number of insect pest detection applications. 

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  • The new detection method -- designed using a DNA-amplification technique called polymerase chain reaction -- consistently detected even minute traces of the disease-causing strain of F. solani in soil and in plant tissues grown in both the laboratory and in fields across Illinois. Its presence was found even from samples that were thought to be free of disease. The PCR-based method uses two primers that were designed from the extraction and genetic alteration of material taken from various strains of F. solani.
  • Modern scientific methods can be used for mass culture and formulations, understanding the chemistry of nematicidal products and molecules etc. There is a need for more basic research in development of techniques for detection, identification and management of nematodes.

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