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  • Lactic acid (IUPAC systematic name: 2-hydroxypropanoic acid), also known as milk acid, is a chemical compound that plays a role in several biochemical processes.
  • Lactic acid has a hydroxyl group adjacent to the carboxyl group, making it an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA). In solution, it can lose a proton from the acidic group, producing the lactate ion CH3CH(OH)COO−.
  • Lactic acid is miscible with water or ethanol, and is hygroscopic.


  • Lactic acid is primarily found in sour milk products, such as: koumiss, leban, yogurt, kefir and some cottage cheeses. The casein in fermented milk  is coagulated by lactic acid.
  • Although it can be fermented from lactose (milk sugar), most commercially used lactic acid is derived by using bacteria such as Bacillus acidilacti, to ferment carbohydrates from nondairy sources such as cornstarch, potatoes and molasses.
  • Lactic acid may also be found in various processed foods, usually either as a pH adjusting ingredient, or as a preservative.


  • The lactic acid bacteria are food-grade organisms, and the exopolysaccharides that they produce contribute to the specific rheology and texture of fermented milk products and may have application in nondairy foods.
  • They are used in particular in fermented milk products from all over the world, including yoghurt, cheese, butter, buttermilk, kefir and koumiss.
  • Stimulation of Propionic Acid Bacteria by Lactic Acid Bacteria in Cheese manufacture.


  • Lactic acid was mainly exported to Europe countries such as Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Russia, Spain and Brazil, etc. Japan, United States and Taiwan are also the export destination of Chinese lactic acid.
  • Comparing to the lactic acid in Europe and Japan, Chinese lactic acid has a great advantage in price. The export price in recent years kept a low level.
  • CSM subsidiary PURAC is a global market leader in lactic acid will extend its portfolio with Lactides.

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