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  • Lactoferrin is a globular multifunctional protein with antimicrobial activity, is part of the innate defense, mainly at mucoses.
  • Lactoferrin is found in milk and many mucosal secretions such as tears and saliva. Lactoferrin is also present in secondary granules of PMN and also is secreted by some acinar cells.
  • Lactoferrin is a substance belonging to the Cytokine family, Cytokines are responsible for coordinating the human cellular response that protects us from most infections, cancers and tumors


  • Hydrolysate of lkactoferrin is obtained by pasteurization and freeze-drying for use in infant formula. In addition, lactoferricin can be purified from this lactoferrin hydrolysate by two-step hydrophobic chromatography. The peptide is eluted with an acidic buffer, the eluted solution is concentrated by reverse osmosis, and finally, lactoferricin is produced by freeze-drying as a powder with over 95% purity. This production process for lactoferricin has also been patented.

  • Fonterra has built a new dairy protein processing plant in order to meet growing demand for lactoferrin in Japan, Korea, China and Taiwan.


  • The current market for bovine lactoferrin is thought to be worth around 100 million per year, with growth of about 20 per cent, suggests Singh. The majority of sales are in Asia where lactoferrin supplements are common and dairy companies fortify yoghurts with the protein.
  • Human lactoferrin can be purified from human breast milk, it is prohibitively expensive $3,600 per gram at just 90% purity


  • The lactoferrin market is maturing with many new dairy companies throughout the western world now entering this market.

  • Pharming is developing recombinant human lactoferrin as a nutraceutical and intermediate while pursuing applications of the product for the pharmaceutical market.

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