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  • Mahuwa is the Halbi name of the tree as well as the flower of Madhuca indica. The Mahuwa tree is medium sized to large deciduous tree, usually with a short bole and a large rounded crown.
  • It is found in mixed deciduous forest, usually of a somewhat dried type often growing on rocky and sandy soil.
  • Madhuca. indica, Madhuca. longifolia are valued for their Seeds which yield a fatty oil known as Mahuwa Butter /Mahuwa fat. This is also known as Illipi Butter which caused some confusion as the internationally traded and highly valued confectionery fat, derived from Shorea stenopiter is also known as Illipi.


  • The flowers are used as vegetable, for making cake, liquor; flower juice is used in the treatment of enlargement of axillary grand, neurotic disorder and taken with cow’s milk as an aphrodisiac in cough and bronchitis.
  • Seed Oil is used as ointment, in rheumatism and to prevent crack in the skin in winter.
  • It is used for edible purposes, hair oil, illumination, lighting, and keeps body glossy and warm


  • The seeds germinate after a good shower of monsoon rains.
  • Germination takes place in about 10 days.The seeds which get covered under the soil, germinate better and give rise to the seedlings while those lying exposed are either attacked by insects or fungus or their emerging radicles dry up before getting a hold in the soil.
  • Some seedlings get suppressed and killed by all weeds and grasses.


  • As per an estimate of KVIC the total potentiality of Mahuwa Seed is about 5 lakhs tonnes. The highest Mahuwa Seed producing states are U.P., Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Kerala, Gujarat, Orissa. It is common through out Central India, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat and in the drier type of sal forest in Madhya Pradesh
  • Rising income from mahua is seen from the records of the Santoshi Mahila Udyog Samuh in Umardih village.
  • In 2004, the group took a loan and purchased 3,248 kg of mahua for Rs 24,360, at the rate of Rs 7.5 per kg. It sold the mahua for Rs 31,383. The profit, after deducting expenses and interest on the loan, was Rs 4,763.
  • In 2005, the group purchased 2,458.5 kg of mahua at an average rate of Rs 8.25, for Rs 21,219. The group sold it for Rs 26,553. The net profit was Rs 2,839.

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