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  • Malathion is an organophosphate parasympathomimetic which binds irreversibly to cholinesterase.
  • Malathion is a nonsystemic, wide-spectrum organophosphate insecticide.
  • Malathion is slightly toxic via the oral route.
  • Malathion can also be found in products that are used on pets to control ticks and fleas.
  • Trade names for products containing malathion include Celthion, Cythion, Dielathion, El 4049, Emmaton, Exathios, Fyfanon and Hilthion, Karbofos and Maltox.


  • Malathion present in untreated water is converted to malaoxon during the chlorination phase of water treatment, so malathion should not be used in waters that may be used as a source for drinking water, or any upstream waters.
  • Malathion works by attacking the nervous system; it is essentially a nerve poison.
  • The “disappearance method” was applied by measuring malathion concentrations in the water before and after human subject exposure to the water for various periods of time. Malathion was measured using Gas Chromatography.
  • Malathion in water may be determined by extracting into dichloromethane, drying the extract, redissolving in hexane and analysing by gas–liquid chromatography, phosphorus mode.


  • Malathion inhibits the proper functioning of the nervous system of the adult mosquito.
  • Malathion is suited for the control of sucking and chewing insects on fruits and vegetables.
  • Malathion produced detectable mutations in three different types of cultured human cells, including white blood cells and lymph cells.
  • Malathion is mutagenic, carcinogenic, has been implicated in vision loss, kidney damage, and lung damage.
  • Malathion is the most common agent used in Canada for the control of adult mosquitoes by ultra low volume (ULV) application.


  • Gas and thin-layer chromatography and infrared spectroscopy confirmed malathion to be degraded via malathion- monocarboxylic acid to the dicarboxylic acid and then to various phosphothionates.
  • PFF is a newly recorded species of fruit flies. PFF control in Egypt is based primarily on applications of organophosphate insecticides, especially malathion, mixed with protein baits using bait application technique.

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