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Managing Enterprises: Survival & Growth
Small Industries can fail due to any number of hundreds of reasons which may or may not be due to the
entrepreneurs.Therefore it is great challenge to survive against all odds and manage the Unit.
Management of the Unit is therefore is critical and the entrepreneurs  have to constantly update and
sharpen their management skills with respect  to man, materials, machinery, market & money.
Modernization & Technology Up gradation:
Small Enterprises constantly spring up based on technology of the Times. There is ever increasing of
competition to Grow as survival strategy alone is not enough. As we keep moving into the future there is
constant attempt to improve the quality of products and services simultaneously reducing the prices to
lure the customers. As the customer is the king, nothing is spared to attract and retain them.
Therefore the need to modernize and upgrade technology in all areas of the  enterprise.
Information Needed:
Information needed for Marketing, Quality& Technology Up gradation Face continuously
Competition Worldwide,Productivity Improvement Diversification, Government Rules & Regulations,
Taxes & Duties Understanding Consumers & positioning products & services much ahead of 
Competitors so on.
Inventory Management, Control Techniques, Supply Chain, Purchase Policy, Free Downloaded Software, Consultants, Applications, Market Demand, Buyers and more

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