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  • A medical billing service provides electronic insurance claims processing and patient billing services for medical doctors, chiropractors, dentists, physical therapists and other health care providers. Medical claims and patient billing are the heart of any medical practice. Steady financial receivables are what keep a business running. There will always be a need for medical services; therefore, medical billing services will always be in high demand.
  • Government regulations, increasing wages and competition are forcing all areas of medical practices to cut costs while maintaining the highest level of quality care to their patients. The growth of Managed Care makes it harder for health care providers to maintain their profitability. Outsourcing to a professionally trained medical billing service is a profitable alternative in handling their patient insurance accounts. This allows medical practices to attend to patients, not paperwork.

Medical Billing Software And coding

  • Medical billing software helps providers manage financial information and reduces errors on claims submitted to Medicare and some 2,800 other insurance companies. Medical billing software can be a standalone function or integrated with other aspects of medical practice such as patient medical records. It can be linked to the laboratory and other ancillary service areas. It can interface with other software that will analyze claims for completeness, accuracy and probability of being edited by Medicare.
  • Lytec is a Windows based medical billing software designed for medical offices, chiropractors, dentists and medical billing services. Whether you are starting your own medical billing service or managing a private practice, Lytec medical office management software gives you the flexibility to easily send electronic or paper claims from your personal computer.

Medical Billing Services

  • Medical billing services are companies that take the pain of collecting money out of the doctor’s office.  A good service will maximize a doctor’s receivables, while keeping their cash flow consistent.  The key is choosing the right medical billing service.
  • Representatives of the service will attend insurance company seminars, advise the doctor of changes in their field and provide them with regular financial reports.  They should not only handle the billing needs, but should act as consultants for the doctor, advising of fee structure, coding practices, and other ways to improve the office.

Electronic Medical Billing

  • Electronic medical billing software covers a wide range of functions:
  1. tracking patient demographics, visits, and diagnoses
  2. collecting, transmitting, and tracking billing information and insurance payments
  3. managing appointment scheduling
  4. generating a variety of reports

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