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The natural ingredients fall under Herbal Products are: Medicinal & aromatic plants , Medicinal and vegetable saps and extracts Vegetable alkaloids These find use in Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics & Food Industry. The harvest and trade to supply demand is huge. Some of the key words often heard are these:

World of Medicinal Plants and Herbs

Information Profiles of Medicinal Plants on CD ROM

  • Guidelines on good agricultural and collection practices (GACP) for medicinal plants
  • Over View of top ten herbal Medicines
  • Medicinal and Aromatic Plants in Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia and Romania
  • The United States Market
    for Natural Ingredients
    used in dietary supplements and
  • Herbal Business in Japan
  • Export Potentials of Balkan Herbs to European Union
  • Medicinal Plants An Expanding Role in Development
  • Information about herbal teas, medicinal and
    aromatic plants and mushrooms from Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • The Market for Herbs and Essential Oils in Canada
  • Economic Characterization of the
    Dietary Supplement Industry
  • The Canadian Ginseng Industry
  • Importers of Herbs in Germany, USA, U.K
  • Japanese Market for Natural Medicines
  • Kava Report 2003
    In-Depth Investigation into EU Member States Market
    Restrictions on Kava Products
  • Medicinal and Aromatic Plants in Manitoba: Trends in Industry Development
  • Nutraceutical Market & Industry
    Information for Canada
  • WHO to evaluate KAVA
  • Market Survey of Natural Ingredients for Pharmaceuticals in Europe
  • Ayurvedic Industry
  • Natural Plant Extracts Export Market
    Opportunities in the USA
  • more such reports on 
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Eucalyptus oil, Geranium oil, Palma Rosa oil, java citronella oil, citridora oil ,
Lemon Grass Oil , cinnamon oil, vetriver oil, basil oil, davana oil, patchouli oil, ginger grass oil, Antifungals, Antibacterial, Antidandruff, Artemisia, Arteether, Oral hygiene Aromas, Disinfectant, DNA fingerprinting, menthol crystals, DMO processing Concrete of Jasmine, 

Concrete of Tuberose ,Nagarmotha oil, Citral ex lemongrass oil, Citronellal ex E. citriodra, Geraniol, citronella oil, Carvone ex spearmint oil, Mentha citrata oil, Linalool and linalyl acetate, Hydroxycitronellal, Diosgenin rhizomes of Dioscorea Berberin,Colchicine,Hyoscine,Atropine and hyscyamine, Pyrethrum oleoresin, Total alkaloids, Taxol, Ephedrin, Bacoside, Carthamin, Anthocyanin, Xanthophyll, Herbal Mosquito repellent lotion  Herbal anti-crack cream, herbal pain balm, floor mopping emulsion, mosquito repellent spray, mosquito repellent agarbatti, mosquito repellent dhoopbatti .
Business Opportunities
2,000 medicinal and aromatic plants are used on a commercial basis.
Most buyers are not interested in plant material, but in plant extracts. There are only a few developing countries which are able to supply extracts conforming to the requirements of western industry.
The leading developing country suppliers of medicinal & aromatic plants are China, India, Chile, Morocco, Turkey, Egypt and Albania.
The major market is Europe, accounting for some 38% of the world market. The leading European market is Germany, accounting for over 50% of the European market, followed by France, the United Kingdom and Italy.

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Natural Products Buyers Directory
Medicinal Plants, Herbs, Gums, Resins, Saps, Extracts for Industrial, Pharmaceutical, Food Products, Cosmetics use, Importers, Traders, Buyers Directory on CD ROM
The Directory is meant for Exporters from Developing Countries as Marketing Guide
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