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  • Coal gas is a flammable gaseous fuel made from coal and supplied to the user via a piped distribution system.
  • Coal gas is a mixture of the calorific gases: hydrogen, carbon monoxide, methane and volatile hydrocarbons, with small amounts of noncalorific gases - carbon dioxide and nitrogen - as impurities.
  • Coke is a solid carbonaceous material derived from destructive distillation of low-ash, low-sulfur bituminous coal.

Production & Process

  • Metallurgical coke is produced by carbonization of coals or coal blends at temperatures up to 1400 K to produce a macroporous carbon material of  high strength and relatively large lump size.
  • Metallurgical cokes must have a high strength to support heavy loads in the blast furnace without disintegration.
  • Coke is a solid high in content of the element carbon and structurally in the NON-GRAPHITIC STATE: It is produced by pyrolysisof organic material which has passed, at least in part, through a liquid orliquid-crystalline state during the CARBONIZATION process.
  • Metallurgical coke is produced by destructive distillation of coal in coke ovens. Prepared coal is "coked".
  • The CLEAN COKE Process is based on a conceptual plan,developed by United States Steel Corporation, for converting On metallurgica1-grade coals to metallurgical coke, chemical feedstocks,and liquid and gaseous fuels. Coke oven gas is cooled and by-products are recovered.

Application & Technology

  • The principal product, coke, is used primarily in the manufacture of pig iron which is a major component in the production of steel.
    Metallurgical coke is also used as filler coke for polygranular carbon products.
  • It is known, that strong lamp metallurgical coke is produced at laminar coking process of coal charges, its test result allowed to calculate, that prime cost production of 1 ton blastfurnace coke according new technology will be as 15-20% as less than on traditional one.
  • Char made from coal is an intermediate i n emerging technology for making formed coke in continuous, clean, processes that utilize a wide range of coals.
  • The realized and actually prepared innovations of the ironmaking technology require the further increasing of the properties of metallurgical coke.
  • Coke making technological process produces excellent quality of coke for given coals blend and has the lowest pollution levels of comparable technologies.


  • Metallurgical coke is usually exported from chinato other countries in large amount. China exported 1.8 million tons of metallurgical coke to
    America, earning US $100 million.
  • Globally, the Coke market is controlled by China due to the fact that China is the largest steel producer, coke producer, coke consumer and coke exporter in the world.
  • Coke may be traded anywhere in the world, but the pricing is benchmarked in China.
  • Chinese coke industry can maximise profit by limiting surplus production to export demand of 13 million tonnes annually.
  • Russian coke chemical industry has sufficient potential for coke provision of the russian metallurgy. The condition of coke production in Russia remains on high technical and technological level. The coke production in Russia is facing deep reconstruction within coming 8-10 years.

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