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  • A microbrewery, or craft brewery, is a modern brewery which produces a limited amount of beer.

  • The maximum amount of beer a brewery can produce and still be classed as a microbrewery varies by region and by authority, though is usually around 15,000 barrels (18,000 hectolitres/ 475,000 US gallons) a year.

  • Micro or craft breweries have adopted a different marketing strategy than large, mass-market breweries, offering products that compete on the basis of quality and diversity, instead of low price and advertising.

  • In common-sense terms, a microbrewery is a small craft brewery which seeks the support of informed beer consumers." / "A beer maker with limited capacity whose products are typically distributed within a restricted geographic region.

  • Craft Beer is an American term which is also common in Canada and New Zealand and generally refers to beer that is brewed without adjuncts and with an eye to beer style rather than mass appeal.

  • It has gradually replaced the term microbrew as the most popular term to describe the output of micro or craft breweries


  • Growth of the craft beer industry was 12% by volume and 16% in dollars.

  • The craft beer industry eclipsed 8 million barrels of craft beer produced in the U.S.

  • Companies that started the year in the microbrewery segment grew over 20% in 2007, showing great interest in local brewers.

  • Craft beer sales share is 3.8% by volume and 5.9% by dollars.

  • Total U.S. Craft Beer Industry Annual Dollar Volume: $5.7 billion.

  • A microbrewery in eastern Germany has found success with a new niche product.


  • A company of Northeast Philadelphia is looking to increase its market share in the rapidly expanding craft beer industry by raising $5.3 million in an initial public offering.

  • One main advantage of a microbrewery is that they are able to supply their product to the consumer when the product is at its peak of freshness.

  • For a microbrewery, quality is the most important concern, given their small market share and limited competitive edge compared to large national breweries.

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