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  • Mobile phones are a wonderful means for communicating with our dear ones in addition to helping us to maintain our contact lists, to do lists etc. As time passed with additional features on these devices piling they made way for Smart phones which in addition to providing phone functionality also provided the functionality of a Personal Digital Assista (PDA).
  • Un-configured mobile device is attached to the network, the Swapcom platform triggers basic WAP, MMS or e-mail service settings, as well as more advanced SyncML, Instant Messaging, or video streaming settings according to the type of mobile and customer profile. Welcome messages delivered to the user screen advise of the successful set-up.


  • Connecting directly to your PC or Laptop's USB port, the Infrared Adapter comes with the latest Handset Manager software, making this data suite easy to install as no configuration is required as this is all done for you on installation, this allowing you complete control over your phone when transferring or editing from either your phone to pc or from pc to phone.
  • EMobile, Sharp and Microsoft closely worked together from the basic planning stage, thus developing various functions that are released for the first time in Japan. The three companies plan to continue their alliance in the future to promote marketing in the growing mobile broadband market.
  • The emerging personal computing device of choice today is a multi-function handset. The multimedia capabilities of these wireless systems are increasing as fast as vendors can deliver new products and carriers can offer new services.


  • Mobile phones applications are being developed in a rapid pace. Word processors, spreadsheets, and database base applications have already been ported to mobile phone devices
  • The combining of music capabilities is on the mobile phone. While phones can play MP3s, it will soon also be possible to have music streamed from the Internet.


  • The size of Indian mobile handset market in FY was Rs 8,805 crores. Share of GSM handsets was 84% (7,384 crores) even higher than the GSM connections (75%) for the same period. It was also much higher than that for CDMA handsets, which accounted for Rs 1,421 crores (16% market share).
  • Mobile handsets generated $117.2 billion in revenue in 2005, an increase of 14.9 percent over the sales in 2004. Mobile handset revenue will peak at $129.9 billion in 2008, and will then begin to decline, reaching $125.0 billion in 2012.


  • Chinese mobile handset manufacturers, whose market shares once reached50% in China, are now confronting rollback strategies of foreign manufacturers
  • California Micro Devices Corporation is a leading supplier of application specific analog semiconductor products for the mobilehandset, personal computer and digital consumer electronics markets.
  • Mobile handset product revenue grew by 35%

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