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  • Morpholine is an organic chemical compound having the chemical formula O(CH2CH2)2NH.
  • Because of the amine, morpholine is a base; its conjugate acid is called morpholinium.
  • When morpholine is neutralized by hydrochloric acid, the salt morpholinium chloride is obtained.
  • Morpholine may be produced by the dehydration of diethanolamine with sulfuric acid.
  • Morpholine is a common additive, in ppm concentrations, for pH adjustment in both fossil fuel and nuclear power plant steam systems.
  • Volatility of morpholine is same as water, so once it is added to the water, its concentration becomes distributed rather evenly in both the water and steam phases.
  • Morpholine is widely used in organic synthesis. It is the building block in the preparation of the antibiotic linezolid and the anticancer agent gefitinib.
  • Morpholine is used as a chemical emulsifier in the process of waxing fruit.
  • In research and in industry, the low cost and polarity of morpholine lead to its common use as a solvent for chemical reactions.

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