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  • Motorsport (or motorsports) is the collection of sports which primarily involve the use of motorised vehicles.
  • Motorsport includes all forms of motor racing as well as non-racing motorised sports.
  • Motor racing is the subset of motorsport activities which involve competitors racing against each other.
  • Forms of motor racing include auto racing, motorcycle racing, truck racing, air racing, motorboat racing, snowmobile racing and lawn mower racing.
  • In addition to motor racing, there are many other forms of motorsport which don't involve racing. Examples include motorcycle trials, freestyle motocross, drifting and tractor pulling.
  • The concept of Energy Efficient Motorsport (EEMS) seeks to place a premium on the efficient use of resources and to encourage the development of alternative fuels and powertrain technologies and put energy efficiency at the heart of modern motorsport – without comprising the sporting spectacle.
  • The Motor Sports Association (MSA, formerly known as RAC MSA), a sister organisation of the Royal Automobile Club (RAC), is the official governing body of motorsport in the United Kingdom.
  • For the purposes of REV advanced engineering SMEs are those innovative engineering companies responding with new / improved products and processes to the challenging requirements demanded by existing / new customers.
  • Motorsport SMEs are companies which are directly involved with motor racing through construction and or preparation and supply of products and those companies providing infrastructure and services supporting motorsport.
  • The needs of the sector have been thoroughly researched and are demonstrated throughout this document. Research has been carried out both in house and through use of external economic consultants.
  • Planning Bulletin looks at land-based motor sports, an extensive and varied cross-section of disciplines that attracts many participants, officials and spectators across the country, particularly at weekends.
  • Motor Sports focuses on competitive motorcycle and motor car activities organised through the relevant governing bodies and club structures, and on commercial facilities that provide corporate hospitality or ‘fun’ events.
  • As motorsports competitions have become increasingly popular, multi-billion dollar industries have developed around the sports themselves.
  • Worldwide a significant amount of economic output as well as employment is generated yearly by motorsports related industries.
  • The most obvious sources of such economic activity are the race events themselves that attract large crowds and generate television and other revenue.
  • Much less visible, but significantly larger, is the economic activity of different manufacturing and service industries that take part in the production process of the race equipment and activities.
  • Marketing analyzes each client's goals and then carefully designs and implements customized, turnkey motorsports marketing programs to meet them.
  • It is very apparent that the recently enhanced awareness which has arisen in North Carolina of the importance of the motorsports industry as a generator of good quality jobs and increasing tax collections.
  • It is helpful to examine the motorsports economic development policies and programs of other states in order to understand the threats to this industry which are faced by North Carolina.

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