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  • Nano Precipitated calcium carbonate is a super ultra fine and very narrow particle size distribution precipitated calcium carbonate specially formulated as functional filler and extender in plastic compound.

  • A special category of PCC is the ultrafine PCC, or as it is now more commonly known, the nano PCC. Nano particles are those which are less than 100 nanometers or 0.1 microns in size.


  • Used as a filler material and reinforcing agent in PVC plastisols for automobile undersealing, sealant and elastomers, composites, PVC cables, fast drying printing ink, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals

  • Nano PCCs are also used in lithographic or offset inks. In highly filled litho inks, they can serve as the main rheological additive and cost-reducing filler. In lightly filled offset inks, they can extend other more expensive thickeners, as well as replace oils and varnishes.

  • Other uses include: High strength reinforcement of rubber , Detackification and mold release for thin gauge surgical and other medical gloves , Nucleating agent in emulsion polymerization, Carrier for catalysts, peroxides, fragrances, Powder flow control additive for acrylic modifiers and other sticky products.

  • The uncoated nano PCC products can be used for fortifying beverages such as cow’s milk and soy milk. By using a calcium carbonate with a very small particle size, the calcium fortifier stays suspended much longer, making a better tasting and appearing product.

Market and Report

  • The demand for nano sized particles is rising due to new requirements in science, industry and society. At present there are just limited numbers of precipitation operations which are capable for the nanoparticle generation.

  • A Company in china is a leading manufacturer of NPCC and specialty chemicals in the People's Republic of China, who is the only company listed on foreign stock market in the nano material production industry in China, as well as the only company in China currently supplying NPCC to the domestic Chinese tire market.

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