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  • Nanotechnology refers to a field of applied science and technology whose theme is the control of matter on the atomic and molecular scale, generally 100 nanometers or smaller, and the fabrication of devices or materials that lie within that size range.
  • Nanotechnology is any technology which exploits phenomena and structures that can only occur at the nanometer scale, which is the scale of several atoms and small molecules. 
  • Nanotechnologies are based on a range of new materials, including carbon C60, carbon nano tubes, nano particles, nano wires, and polymers based on nano-size subunits.


  • The nano tools of nano structured materials are used to make items like nano tubes, nano electronics, nanocatalysts, nanophotonic devices, nanosensors and other nano devices.
  • Two main approaches are used in nanotechnology. In the "bottom-up" approach, materials and devices are built from molecular components which assemble themselves chemically by principles of molecular recognition.
  •  In the "top-down" approach, nano-objects are constructed from larger entities without atomic-level control.
  • Interface and Colloid Science for characterizing nano materials, These are widely used for first generation passive nano materials


  • Nanotechnology products in semiconductor, energy, healthcare, materials science, and instrumentation have created existing nanotechnology markets of $499 million  growth expected to achieve markets of $4.5 billion
  • The total global demand for nano scale materials, devices and tools will cross $28 billion.

  • The U.S. Nanotechnology market is predicted to reach $3.3 billion it will cross $19.8 billion by  showing a strong growth.


  • Passive nano materials which includes titanium dioxide in sunscreen, cosmetics and some food products.

  • Carbon allotropes used to produce gecko tape, silver in food packaging, clothing, disinfectants and household appliances.

  • zinc oxide in sunscreens and cosmetics, surface coatings, paints and outdoor furniture varnishes and cerium oxide as a fuel catalyst.

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