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General & Process
  • Sugar spheres are a widely used excipient for sustained-release pellet formulations. Sugar spheres (also called neutral pellets, nonpareil seeds, microgranules or sugar beads) are produced, preferably using a layered sugar-coating structure. The result is sugar spheres with sufficient mechanical stability for further processing. 
  • The ideally rounded sugar spheres classed in closely graduated particle sizes are then coated with the active substance and sustained release additives. With suitable additives, pellets can be made into tablets or used to fill capsules. The round shape is ideal for uniform coating. Pellets are good for automatic dosing.


  • Sugar spheres and cellulose spheres pharmaceutical samples of similar size distributions were also measured using the Image Processing and Sphere Recognition. The reconstructions for sugar spheres and cellulose spheres (Celphere) had a similar appearance with that of glass spheres.
  • Hard gelatine capsules can be produced in various sizes and color combinations. Hard gelatine capsules are easier to swallow than tablets. They can also be filled with powder, pellets, granules and liquid formations using high-performance filling machines.


  • Several different polymer systems were tried and compared to solvent-based techniques using acetaminophen as a model drug. Acetaminophen was chosen as a model drug for layering on sugar spheres. Sugar spheres (2 Kg), 0.5 to 0.7 mm, were coated with 0.953 Kg of acetaminophen containing 0.016 Kg of fumed silica.
  • The techniques used in the pharmaceutical industry to make tablets and lozenges are essentially the same as those used in the confectionery industry. Sugar and sugar based products, e.g. liquid sugar and inverts, can be used to provide different functions in the tabletting process. Sugar spheres are produced by traditional panning/coating techniques found in the confectionery industry.


  • Pellet fuel is environmentally friendly, clean, safe CO2-neutral and sustainable. The price increase in Pellet is caused by the high demand in Italy and the high demand of pellets for the power plants in Belgium and Netherlands. Wood pellets should primary used for heat market and not for electricity production.

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