Apple Daily Apple Daily’s unique formula of lively news and contemporary style,in full color on every
page has resulted in unparalleled success in its home market since its founding in 1995,
with a current daily circulation of nearly 400,000 copies
Newspaper Printing-USA For Blue Island Newspaper Printing (BINP) of Blue Island, IL.,a few acronyms like PDF, FTP and CtP represent tremendous changes that have allowed it to successfully compete
for national and international work.
Diarios Associados-Brazil Diarios Associados,a leading media company in Brazil and one of the leading newspaper
publishers in the country, recently added new press equipment at two of its papers: Correio
Braziliense and Diario de Pernambuco.
Casa Editorial El Tiempo-Colombia Founded 90 years ago, El Tiempo is the largest circulation newspaper in Colombia with an
audited average weekday circulation of more than 350,000 copies and more than 650,000 on Sunday.
Inforte Drives Data Quality Company background,Business issue,Inforte's solution,Words of advice,Business benefits delivered
Kent Messenger-United Kingdom A confident attitude, the right mix of technology and sound business acumen has propelled the Kent Messenger Group, located in South East England, into one of the leading regional media groups in the UK.
Newsliner The goss global newsliner press system is a sixteen page for large national and metropolitan newspaper applications-Features,Newsliner
Sarasota Herald-Tribune,Florida The Sarasota Herald-Tribune wanted to increase its color capabilities by adding new towers, without aggravating the impact of power interruptions on its printing operations. To
solve these challenges,they turned to Goss.
School District Benefits Neenah Paper, Inc. Whiting Mill will donate their expertise to cut the paper rolls to the sizes needed by the district.
Animal Bedding Benefits of chopped newspaper bedding,Availablity and processing,Economics and handling,Economic advantage,Manure handling characteristics,Environmental Considerations
Newspaper Recycling Recycling newspaper reduces waste, saves resources and helps the environment. Australians are fantastic recyclers – each year Visy recycles 950,000 tonnes of paper and cardboard, enough to cover the entire city of Canberra five times!
Waste Printing Ink A little known but highly successful form of recycling is practiced at more than 130 newspapers in the U.S. and Canada.These newspapers recycle their waste printing ink, keeping large quantities of the potentially troublesome substance out of the landfills while at the same time saving themselves thousands of dollars.
Mulching Pumpkins When to Apply the Mulch,Fertilizer to Apply,Weed Removal,Using Newspaper Mulch for Pumpkins,Amount of Mulch to Apply,Insect Control,Future Seasons, Disease Control, Recycling
Mulching Strawberries In strawberry production, newspaper is used primarily as a winter mulch instead of the traditional straw to protect the plants from cold temperatures. It should be applied in late November around Thanksgiving.
American Industry-Consolidation Technology,Unions,The Internal Revenue Service
Flagship Product Argent Media Group unveiled in December its flagship product for the newspaper industry, a fully customizable database-driven Web site builder.
German Newspaper Publishing Setting the scene,World newspaper industry,Main competing players,Competitive maneuvering, Conclusion and further research
Newspaper Industry Trends State of newspaper industry ,Titles and copies,Printing impressions and newsprint consumption, Corporate ownership and group publishing,Non-daily newspapers,Death by a thousand cuts,Implications for industry suppliers,Supply and demand cycles
Advertising Revenues Newspaper advertising revenues virtually collapsed in the media downturn of 2001, declining 8.5 percent from the previous year, and in 2002 newspapers were the only category among ten major ad media to again suffer declines.
Mobile Technologies Declining Markets,Disruptive Technologies Create Opportunity,Mobility Rules,Look Both Ways Before Crossing,Integrated Mobile Solution,Conclusion,About Zebra Mobile
Regioman The double-width, highly flexible,8-page press,Highlights at a glance,More solutions for more opportunities,One range, many possibilities,Constant efficiency,Precise folding and reliable operation,printnet – networking printing house and publishing house
Laidback Solutions Software Applications, AddMan Pro,PostMan,Plug In’s & Extensions,DropMan,ColorMan
HK Systems The Hk systems centre of excellence advantage,MAilroom operations,Roll storage and delivery to press,Preprint storage and handling,System integration,Facilities layout
Fujifilm Luxel Eliminate the difference between newspaper and commercial offset quality,Key benefits offered by FUJIFILM Luxel News,"Vision" edge detect,2nd Generation printing plates for Newspapers,Market-leading technology
Digital Newspaper The challenge circulation trends,Oppertunity-digital technology,Future scenario
European Newspaper Market Statistics and sources,Data from new accession states,Definition of the sector,Statistical analysis,circulation related measures,Publishing Market Watch
Irish Newspapers The case for entering the digital interactive space,The argument for remaining solely a physical form publisher,The case for entering the digital interactive space,Conclusion
Los Angeles Newspaper Group Total Market Coverage,Southern California’s Premier Market,Delivering the L.A. DMA,The Power of the Market,Leading in Market Circulation & Readership,Delivering Smart & Savvy Readers,Delivering Smart & Savvy Readers,The Local Edge,The Local Edge
Chinese Industry-Competition A central premise must be that competition is good, because it brings out the best elements by the process of natural selection.  In the newspaper industry, the forces of the market are released and the successful newspapers will be the one who have bigger circulation and more advertising revenues.
Product Market Competition The Newspaper Industry,The Effect of Competition on Capital Structure,The Effect of Capital Structure on Prices,Conclusions,Data Definition and Sources,Summary Statistics, Price Study
Japanese and National-Competition Background,Studies in japan,Hypotheses,Method,Category Definitions,Definition of Independent Variables,Results,Regression Results for Competition on News Coverage
Advanced Products Professional Newspaper Washes,Newspaper Fountain Solutions,Low VOC Washes, Pressroom Specialties,Advanced Low VOC Wash,Zero VOC Wash
Newspaper Distribution Invitation to Comment,Use of Confidential Information contained in Consultation Responses, Purpose of this Document,Current Arrangements for Newspaper and Magazine Distribution,The Supply Chain,Exclusive territories and the tender process,The MMC report and the Code,Carriage Service Charges,Scope of the OFT’s Review
Licensing-Hong Kong Registration of Local Newspapers Ordinance,Definition of newspaper,Registration of newspapers,Government control,Licensing of newspaper distributors,Registration and regulation of newspapers overseas,Major types of distribution system
Advertising Trends Linage totals,Dollar outlay,Basic data for advertising space buyers,Department store, Automotive,Total advertising
Newspaper Readership Moosomin World Spectator Newspaper Readership,Study Overview,Readership Overview,Demos – Gender & Age,Number of Issues Read,Newspaper Ratings,Preferred Newspaper,Media Habits – Newspaper vs. Radio
Product Distribution Simulation Modeling newspaper production,Analysis and results,summary
Flexibility Supportive supplier,Simplicity of installation,A section of the paper handling system under
construction at Schur Packaging Systems
Intranet Solution Intranets,Advantages and disadvantages of using an Intranet,Hardware/software overview, The IFRAtrack database,System overview,The production database,Connections between the database and the WWW server,Client software,Poller/parser,CGI-scripts,Newspaper production simulation
Production Specification Newspaper Specs,Photos for black and white advertising,For 4-color advertising,Quark 6 or PDF
Productivity The newspaper product,The printing press and mailroom,Productivity,The filed of research, Methods,Summary of the included papers,Discussion and conclusions
Newspaper Society Context,Needs of Different Groups of People,Quality and Credibility, Politicisation, Organisation and Professionalism
Newspaper Overview,Format,Circulation and Relationship,Advertising,Nespaper journalism,The future of newspapers,Newspapers in different countries,External links
Vocabulary Wordsa re often unigue to a porticular industry,or take on different meanings when applied to different enterprises.
Education Newspaper In Education Activities,Environmental Attitudes,Animal Ads,Environmental Reporting,Tools of the Trade,Newspaper Classification,Current Event Adaptation,Food Web Ads,Teamwork,Resource Conservation,Industrial Impacts
Newspaper Inks When it comes to newspaper printing, it’s not just a question of excellent printability and a good print image but of an environmentally compatible mode of handling the ink and an “environment-friendly” print result.
Preserving Newspapers Historical Background,Saving Information in Newspapers,Chemical Problems with Newsprint,Saving Newspapers,Environment and Storage,Chemical Stabilization of Acids in Paper,Some Useful Publications,Free catalogs may be obtained by contacting the following vendors,Keep Those Publicity Fliers and Brochures Coming
Classroom Newspaper Rational for Creating a Classroom Newspaper,Organization of the Lessons,Planning the Newspaper,Writing News Stories,Reporter’s Notebook,Writing Feature Stories,Writing Opinions
National Newspapers Title of report,Date of report,Orders,Date of original undertakings,Companies giving undertakings,Details of undertakings,ANNEXE National Newspapers Code of Practice, Uniform Procedure and Documentation,Minimum entry level,Credit risk control,Carriage charges,Marketing and Quality Standards for the Retailing of National Newspapers,Sub-Retailing,Appeals
NewspaperDirect About NewspaperDirect,Digital Print-on-Demand,Grow Sales Worldwide,Increase Revenues, Bulk Print for Retail,Print Locally for Out-of-Market Subscribers
NewsOne Distribution Services About National News Agency,Additional Information about the Merger and Where to Find It,About Current News Company
Newspaper Jobs Advertising,Circulation,Newsroom,Production,Finance,Promotion,Human Resources, Technology, Market Research and Finance
Newspaper Publishers Summary Statistics for the United States,Comparative Statistics for the United States,Product Lines by Kind of Business,Concentration by Largest Firms,Information
Publishers Resources American Journalism Review,American Press Institute (API),Associated Press,National Institute for Computer Assisted Reporting,Useful sites for journalists,National Geographic
Trinity Mirror Paper sourcing, sustainable forestry and recycling,It is Trinity Mirror's policy to,Volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions,Waste management and recycling,Contracted printing and product distribution services
WHSmith News Company,Challange,Solution,Benefit,Wh smith news company background,Business Objects Extranet Delivers Information Transparency,Meeting Broad Information Requirements
NBG Printographic Machinery Manufacturers and Exporters of Web Offset Presses and Sheet Fed Offset Presses since 1991 for Newspaper Printing, Book Printing, Tabloid Printing, Magazine Printing, Catalogue Printing and other printing requirements.
Newspaper Loyalists Methodology,Key Findings,Media Usage,Local activities dominate online usage,Online drives purchases,Category results,Banking/financial institutions,Celluar device service and Travel
On-line Service Current Situation - Problematic state,The Proposed System,Evaluation of the newspaper on-line service from a business to consumer application perspective,Provision of data and information,Customisation of the newspaper.
Web Newspapers Related work,Data/text mining,Web page information extraction,Extracting news items, Study of web pages and news item extraction quality,Text clustering,Data cleaning,Mining news items
Foreign Fund Investment New Delhi --- The Indian government Thursday allowed foreign funds to buy shares in listed domestic newspaper companies and said overseas groups will be able to print limited versions of their newspapers in the country
Foreign Direct Investment The Indian government recently announced a new policy on foreign direct investment (FDI) in the print media.
Foreign Publication Guidelines Publication of newspapers and periodicals dealing with news and current affairs, Publication of facsimile editions of foreign newspapers,Preamble,Application
Newsprint Transaction Prices Eastern U.S prices,Year,Price(per cubic ton)
El Latino de Hoy Message,Market,Display ad rates,Mechanical Information,Classified ad rates,Advertisind deadline,Terms and conditions,Dimensions,Medium
Housing Price Housing price response,Empirical model,Data description,Estimation of equations with publicity measured by the number of articles and words
Rate/Spec Newspaper rates,Mechanicals,Magazine rates,Production specs,Book of list rates,Magazine mechanicals,General Information,Inserts,Color/position charges,Digital service fees
Web-Fed Offset Related work,Modelling the printing process,Controlling the printing process, Experiments, Data collection,Experimental setup
Gazette Press Printing Division At gazette press perform allstages of production on-site,giving us tight control of quality from computer design to plate to web press
Newspaper Printing Small run newspaper printing, Fast turnaround, Printing formats, Competitive pricing,Hard copy,Disk Formats
Printing Press This RONALD weboffset newspaper printing machine is being manufactured to help all types of newspaper, tabloid, text book printers to get their output required in lowest possible time with as many as number of pages in colour and Black & white as they need any day in full 365 days
UV Press UV curing is also a green technology,which provides the newspaper printer with a drying system that is recommended by the EPA as BACT since the UV press does not release any harmful VOC's in the pressroom or the surrounding environment
Mailroom Disturbances Delimitations,Method,Companies,MTBF mailroom,MDT mailroom,Discussion and Conclusions
Printing Center-Neu-Isenburg Printing plant for newspapers,Printing plant for newspapers,Digital advertisement production and color reproduction,Black/white reproduction and exposure,Offset plates production,Offset presses,Paper reels loading,Reel storage,Mail room,Loading facilities
Newspaper Plant The green newspaper plant,Presses Save Space, Inserts Consume,From Patchwork to Proficient
X-Rite Solutions Exceed Customers’ Expectations,Complete Customer Service, Support,and Training,X-RiteDot,Hand-held Color  Measurement Solutions,Hand-held Color Measurement Solutions, X-RiteColor,Film Densitometers
Wayne Newspapers Newspaper as neighbor,Raze, build, erect, commission,State makes it pay to stay, Designing Fort Wayne Newspapers’ 21st-century press hall for its 19th-century neighborhood by Jim Rosenberg
Neural Networks Experimental,Neural networks,Standardisation,Principal component analysis,Network design,Results and discussion,2-Color-Patches,3-Color-Patches
Mailing Services Printers,Purchases by printers,Newspapers,Newsprint and ink,Shoppers guide,Magazines and periodicals,Advertising,services,Use tax,Required records
Electronic Commerce A Win-Win Situation,Benefits,Cost,Approaches,Challenges faced by newspapers,Our advertising clients' perspective,The Electronic Clearing House offerings,Structure of the proposed ORDERS message for newspaper advertising
Consultancy Market Research ,Market Survey,Competitive & Business Intelligence, ISO 9002/9000 Quality Procedures ,Print Production Software systems
Technical Resources CGS Publishing Technologies International LLC,Colorimetric Technologies LLC ,Renovation a Fuji film Company ,ICC Integrated Color Corporation ,Progressive Color Media ,Xerox Corporation
Kubas Consultants Rate card revitalization,Rate structure redesign,The quick hits program,Modular advertising and pricing,Startegic account analysis,Publication strategy,Revenue recovery program, Advertiser feedback, Group performance metrics
Florida Newspapers Priscilla Caplan,Advisory board members,Mark Greenberg,Mark Greenberg,Arva Moore Parks,David Shedden,Barbara Stites