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  • N-Octylamine is a colorless to yellow liquid with an amine-like odor. It is miscible with almost all common organic solvents. Its molecular weight is 129.25.

  • It is soluble in water and stable under ordinary conditions.

  • Octyl Amine is used for the synthesis of organic chemicals and surfactants used as a corrosion inhibitor, detergent, ore floating agent, fabric softener, antistatic agent, germicide, insecticide, emulsifier, dispersant, anticaking agent, lubricant and water treatment agent.

  • Intermediate used in the production of: Industrial disinfectant, Pharmaceuticals, Dyes, Pesticides, Additives for fuels and lubricants, corrosion inhibitors, Plasticizers.

  • Organophosphoric derivatives such as tri-n-octyl phosphine oxide (TOPO), tri-n-butyl phosphate (TBP) and long-chain, aliphatic amines such as lauryl-trialkylmethylamine (Amberlite LA-2), tri-n-octylamine, tri-iso-octylamine, tri-n-(octyl-decyl)-amine (Alamine 336) and quaternary alkylammonium salt (Aliquat 336) are effective extractants for separation of carboxylic acids from dilute aqueous solution.

  • The mixture of tripropylamine (TPA) and trioctylamine (TOA) dissolved in 1-octanol/n-heptane was used in the reactive extraction of (L+) lactic acid in aqueous solution.

  • Long-chain, aliphatic tertiary amines dissolved in suitable organic solvents are effective extractants for carboxylic acids.

  • N-Octylamine has shelf life of 24 months in unopened, original container. Protect form fire, static discharges, acids and acid forming substances.

  • For tri-n-octylamine and other degradation products, a GC method was developed and subsequently extended to GUMS. All methods haveprecision better than 5%. The combination of these methods allows both quantitative analysis of the major solvent components and visualization of any minor components, including breakdown products.

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