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Onion Trade (Allium) Information on CD ROM

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  • A spatial, inter temporal equilibrium model of the North American dry onion economy is constructed to analyze the impact of liberalized U.S.-Mexico trade.   
  • Onion is one of the important vegetable crops grown in India. In terms of area, India ranks first in the world with over 480 thousand hectares accounting for around 21 per cent of the world area planted to onion.
  • India grows three types of onions red, white and yellow.
  • Globally, the country occupies the second position after China in onion production with a production share of around 14 per cent.
  • In India, onion is extensively cultivated over a large area spread almost throughout the country. It is produced for both domestic consumption as well as exports.
  • Besides India and China, the other major onion producing countries are Turkey, Pakistan, Brazil, United States of America, Iran, Spain and Japan.
  • India is a traditional exporter of fresh onion. Immediately after independence in 1951-52 the country was exporting over 5000 tonnes of onion per annum.
  • Exports of onion have fetched for the country valuable foreign exchange and have earned for the producers a high price per tonne.
  • Occasionally B grade onions are also exported but the market for such onion is only Dubai.
  • In the case of private trade in onions for domestic consumption, producers sell onions to commission agents in assembling regulated markets which are now in operation extensively throughout the country.

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